Wall lights are another way to illuminate a path or stairs when there is a fixed structure located next to it. Wall lights are hidden into the walls or steps of a structure while providing light.

Wall lights offer the same benefits as other kinds of lighting such as path lights and down lights:

  • Home security.
  • Protection of path border plants from heavy-footed walkers.
  • Marking path boundaries.
  • Offer gentle lighting to brighten featured areas of your garden.
  • Highlighting low level prized garden plants.
  • Won’t trip people who are walking in the garden.
  • Ambient lighting for garden entertaining.

The wall lights we use in our designs are as follows:

The CP is engineered to bring LED efficiency to
walkways, stairways, and decks. In addition, the CP
is helpful for lighting areas with potential walking
hazards that do not have an adjacent planter area
for path lighting, or trees and trellises.

The LF is our LED under-the-cap hardscape wall
light. It can easily be fitted between a block wall and
capstone for a neat, clean installation. Due to its
modular bracket design, the LF can even be installed
under railings and existing construction.

When a lighting project calls for a higher level of LED
illumination the LM is here in a 2 LED configuration.
To achieve the best effect and utility, install the LM
fixture in the wall adjacent to a stairway.

The MS comes to the FX LED line as an immediate
favorite thanks to its close relative the MM. The MS
takes all the great features of the MM and adds the
energy efficiency and long life of LED. Changeable
filters and available in Brass or Powder Coat allow
you to add glow at night and during the day.

The UN washes walkways with LED efficiency and a
shadow-free illumination, which highlights the detail
in fine stonework, or the richness of wooden decks. It
is available in both brass and composite material for
enhanced application flexibility.

The PD was designed for areas where 1 LED isn’t
quite enough. The precision of the design assures
that the faceplates of these permanently mounted
fixtures will remain perfectly level upon completion
of any installation.

The design of the PO provides a glare-free illumination that allows guests to transition from space to space in
comfort and safety. The LED faceplate design offers different exterior styling as well as light type outputs to match
the exact look and function required. The PO is available in four unique shapes for maximum design flexibility.