Advantages of LED Lighting

Learn more about how LED based landscape lights can provide a great number of advantages and has quickly become the future of the landscape lighting industry.

Gorgeous Design

Landscape Lighting is an art, with LED Lighting,  superior design is easier than ever!

Energy Efficiency

LED light fixtures require around 80% less voltage!

Life Span

Depending on use appliaction, LEDs can bring new life into your outdoor space for 50,000 hours or more!

Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Energy Efficiency

Get the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted and feel less guilty about it. When you use LED fixtures for your landscape lighting you are using roughly 80% less voltage than you would be using with Halogen based lights. This reduction in voltage equates to less energy costs, and less environmental impact.

Heat Reduction

Have you ever tried to change a light bulb after it had been on awhile? Ouch! With LED lighting you don’t have to worry about that. You see, with the lower watt consumption of LED lights, you will actually experience less heat being generated than you would with Haologen lights.

Light Output

Goodbye wires! Modern LED fixtures require less wiring to install and work. They also allow the property owner to adjust the amount of light being admitted at any given time, and will work regardless of temperature. The immunity to temperature is especially important to us Illinoisans given our hot summers and brutally cold winters.


Did you know that the average lifespan for an LED landscape lighting system is around 50,000 hours! If that’s not impressive enough, unlike traditional light bulbs, LED’s don’t just shut off, they actually dim slowly over time. So even after the 50,000 hours you may still have sufficient illumination!

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