Benefits of Landscape Lighting

See Your Property in a Whole New Light


One of the most obvious benefits to lighting your outdoor space is the overall enhancement it can make to your properties overall look. When landscape lighting is designed with your home in mind you are adding some SERIOUS curb appeal. Landscape lighting with Mark 1 will be customized to fit your goals and budget. So whether you want to highlight the architecture of your home or business, or want to create a welcoming backyard oasis we have the solutions.


Proper lighting of your landscape and outdoor living space can play a critical role in the functionality of your property. What good is a deck or patio if you can’t enjoy it after the sun goes down?

Safety & Security

Protect your home and your friends and family with thoughtful and beautiful outdoor lighting. A well lit space is less appealing to unwanted guests as they don’t have shadows are darkness to lurk in. While thoughtfully lit walkways, and stairs act as a way to protect loved ones from stumbling blindly through the yard. Letting the dogs our one last time before bed? Imagine the peace of mind you would feel when you can see your pet’s movements at all time, while also enjoying the beauty of your property.

Get the Landscape Lighting You've Dreamed of