Uplighting simply refers to the directional focus of the light. Landscape uplights are typically mounted below or at ground level, shining the light upward.

Uplights are good for multiple reasons. They highlight your home and garden in lots of ways. Specifically, uplights will:

  • Highlight garden features, including your prized plants or architectural features.
  • Create nighttime drama in your landscape with shadows.
  • Add depth to outdoor walls, fences, or other flat surfaces.
  • Contribute ambient light for safety and security.
  • Establish or emphasize outdoor space boundaries.

The up lights we use in our designs are as follows:

Created for small scale elements, the CC combines
smart style and function. Our Driver-On-Board
technology uses long-life LEDs to provide excellent
illumination. The CC fuses a progressive design with
precision engineering, making it an ideal selection.

Similar in style to its bigger brother the NP, the
FB fits nicely into smaller landscapes and tight
spaces. Accommodating up to a 3 LED Board, the
FB offers all the same up light benefits of the NP in
a more compact package.

Our largest wall-wash up light, the LC, projects a
broad spectrum of light on large walls and spaces. It
is available in 1, 3, 6 and 9LED, and is available in an
array of finishes to suit the needs of any design that
calls for a large-span wall washing up light.

The NP is our most versatile LED up light, and is
engineered to accommodate all aspects of your up
lighting needs. By coupling the proper light intensity
with one of the provided color filters, your designer
can fine-tune the NP to beautifully enhance every
landscape feature.

The PB is a compact LED wall wash lighting solution.
Available in 1 or 3 LED with full color lens options of
frosted, blue, amber, and green included. The wider
angle of the PB allows a broader lighting option for
larger structures and spaces. Engineered with solid
construction, yet petite in size.

The QZ is the smallest up light offered in the FX LED
line. With only a 1LED option it’s capable of all the
same features and optics of the larger LED up lights
like the NP and FB, but in a smaller package. The QZ
is also capable of zoning and Dimming on a Luxor ZD
System with the added ZD option.

Designed for mid-sized landscapes, the VS is
unsurpassed in both elegance and performance.
The VS combines first-class LED technology with
premium materials to create a fixture that is
truly unparalleled.