When planning out lighting for your garden, there are situations that typical lights will not fill, or are not designed for. This is where specialty lighting comes in. These lights can provide your home and garden the lighting it needs to really stand out.


Wall lights offer the same benefits as other kinds of lighting but in unique or difficult situations for other lights:

  • Provide illumination below the surface of waterscapes.
  • Create a festive atmosphere for gatherings.
  • Provide functionality other lights are too limited to perform.
  • Added value to outdoor spaces.

The specialty lights we use in our designs are as follows:

The subterranean FC introduces glare-free controlled
illumination into smaller scale spaces.The variety of
cowling and LED options allows the FC to have an
answer to most of lighting’s pint-size problems.

Designed to covertly shine in any landscape, the
KG is a metal topped subterranean LED fixture that
offers a flat top in a variety of color options. Inside
is an LED module that allows for aiming, perfecting
the look on any feature or structure through time
and growth.

In the ground and above the rest, the PE delivers
superior performance combined with LED efficiency.
With the LED projector placed on a swivel mount, the
light can be positioned exactly to your demands. The
low profile visibility allows the PE to hide in even the
sparsest landscapes making your lighting feature the
focal point.

The soothing ambiance created by a landscape
water feature can be beautifully enhanced with well-designed
lighting. The LL produces a powerful light
source that can be used to illuminate plants, rocks,
fish or a cascading waterfall. Filter options allow you
to control shape, color and strength of light output.