Residential Snow Removal Wheaton

Winter can be tough, but having to deal with the snow and ice can make you miserable. Nothing is worse than waking up late and rushing to get to work, only to find your driveway is under a foot of snow. Driving over the snow means that your vehicle will compact it and turn into ice, and clearing it yourself means you’ll be late to work. Professional snow removal means that you won’t have to worry about removing the snow from your driveway and can spend your time doing what you enjoy.

Professional Snow Removal Wheaton

When it comes to clearing your driveway, there are really two methods. One is to break out the shovel and start digging; the other is to fire up a snowblower. Snowblowers make removing the snow easier but have their own problems. Snowblowers take up space when you’re not using them, and often they can get in the way. You also have to make sure that your snowblower is maintained so that it doesn’t break down in the middle of clearing your driveway. Making sure that it doesn’t shake itself apart, that the rubber and plastic parts are not breaking, and that the engine is in good condition so that it has the power you need to clear the snow. With a professional snow removal company, you don’t have these hassles anymore. With a simple call, you can have the snow removed without the hassle of dealing with a bulky snowblower or the backbreaking work of shoveling.

Snow Removal Wheaton

One of the biggest problems with making sure to clear your driveway of snow is knowing when it is going to snow. Most people can not predict the weather, also going by the weather forecast can be hit or miss. This is where we can help. Our staff follows the weather and makes sure that when the snow starts to fall, that our trucks are on the job. Our proactive policy means that if you have a service plan with us, that you won’t have to worry about giving a call every time the snow falls. Keeping your property clear of snow and ice all winter long is our goal.

Safe Snow Removal

Most people don’t think about it, but removing snow by shovel or blower can be dangerous. Shoveling snow has the obvious risks of throwing out a back, pulling a muscle, or slipping on snow or ice, but hypothermia is also a risk that you need to watch out for. Snowblowers have their risks as well. In addition to having the same risk of slipping as shoveling, getting a foot or hand caught in the blades is a risk. A rock or other hard object being caught in the blades and thrown. There are more risks if your snowblower is not maintained with the possibility of parts breaking off and being thrown. The safe bet is to have professionals handle the removal for you.

Complete Snow Removal

When it comes to removing the snow from your property, most homeowners think of just their driveways, but clearing the sidewalks can have benefits as well. It makes your neighbors happy because if they have kids who need to walk to the bus stop, they won’t have to walk through the snow to get there. People that walk their dogs won’t have to go through the snow as well, and their dogs will stay dryer as well. Removing snow from sidewalks can be difficult when it comes to motivation after clearing your driveway, but with a snow removal company, it is easy. We’ll help you by sidewalk snow removal and make your neighbors grateful in the process.

Snow Removal Company Wheaton

When it comes to taking care of our customers, there are no shortcuts. At Mark 1 Landscaping, we take care of our customers by being ready for anything with equipment at the ready and a team of dedicated professionals ready to jump into action. Our dedication also means that you won’t have to worry about a job being half done. We’ll make sure to remove all the snow you ask us to remove quickly and efficiently. Call us today and ask us about our snow removal and ice management and how we can help you.