Pathway lights do what their name suggests: illumination to guide you along a path or walkway.

In addition to lighting up your garden’s pathways at night, pathway lights offer other benefits of:

  • Added curb appeal.
  • Home security.
  • Highlighting low level prized garden plants.
  • Ambient lighting for garden entertaining.
  • Protection of path border plants from heavy-footed walkers.
  • Marking path boundaries.

The  path lights we use in our designs are as follows:

Small in shape, but big on LED efficiency, the BD
combines soft geometric angles and robust quality
to produce outstanding function and durability. Its
subtlety and efficiency make it an ideal luminaire for
a variety of landscapes and path types.

The LED CA emmits a soft, efficient light for a
variety of applications. Visually, it joins an austere
appearance with a basic organic quality that
compliments adjoining garden elements.

The CB is a soft, efficient, and safe path light that
can be used for pathways of all shapes, sizes, and
locations. It’s sleek hat shape gives it a more
contemporary look that can accentuate landscapes
that are trying to acheive a modern facade.

The CV is a soft, efficient, and safe path light that
can be used for pathways of all shapes, sizes, and
locations. It’s rounded hat shape gives it a classic
look that can improve the scheme of a diverse array
of landscapes.

In shape, the DM is perhaps one of the most dynamic
path lights ever invented. Sleek from top to bottom,
and versatile with 1 or 3 LED, the DM is the perfect
combination of form and function.

The HC offers soft, efficient, and safe lighting
solutions for pathways of all shapes, sizes, and
locations. With a unique and sleek hat design,
durability, and outstanding efficiency, it is the ideal
choice for a wide array of path lighting scenarios.

The JS is a solid path light built-to-last in the
harshest environments and provide efficient
illumination. Available in both 1 and 3 LED with
the ability to emmit soft light that works for both
function and facade, the JS can be the choice
path light for a number of applications.

In shape, the LED PF is one of the most dynamic
and efficient path lights we carry. Its petite size
and unique design make it the perfect solution to
accentuate delicate paths in a wide variety of

The wider angle of the PL allows broader lighting
for larger spaces. It is made of aluminum, and while
it may be a lighter-weight construction, it can still
be relied on to thoroughly illuminate anything in its
path. The aesthetic design of the PL was created to
compliment the landscape and add to the overall

The LED PR produces a soft, efficient glow, and is
designed specifically for those who prefer soft,
rounded shapes as opposed to hard angles. It is
especially handy for lighting tight planter areas,
side yard, or utility paths.

The simple and chic design of the SC melds with any
architecture, and can be a timeless element to any
landscape. Since its an FX LED fixture, it is built-tolast,
and operates with advanced LED efficiency.

Designed for mid-sized landscapes, the TM provides
unmatched elegance and function in the aluminumconstructed
category. Its small cap provides a stylish
presentation, but doesn’t compromise on shine. Not
only does it accomplish the function of path lighting,
it does so with grace and style.