Landscape Lighting Elgin

Having a beautiful landscape has one problem, at night no one can see it. Most people just try to flood the area with light, but that can make things look worst as flooding an area with light can disrupt your neighbors and cast shadows where you don’t want. Landscape lighting will make your beautiful yard come to life at night and give your guests a dynamic experience that they won’t get during the day. Mark 1 Landscaping can help you get the landscape lighting you need to do just that. Our team will come up with a lighting plan that will allow you to use your outdoor space at night while highlighting the beauty of your yard and home.


Landscape Lighting Installation Elgin

Proper installation will help ensure that your outdoor lighting will not only functions as intended but will last. While a light might look right when first installed, improper installation can cause it to shift and move over the years. Improper wiring can cause problems as well. It can cause lights to burn out quicker, a short, or other electrical problems that lead to poor performance. The last thing improper installation can do is cost you time and money. This is not only in having to go back and redo the lighting but also having to replace any broken or damaged components that were a result of the improper installation.

Landscape Lighting Design Elgin

Without planning it is hard to know what you need and what you need to do. That often starts with what you are going to be using the outdoor space for. Am outdoor space used for large groups has different lighting needs than a space for a few people. There are also things that you need to look at such as if people are just going to be sitting and talking, are they going to be dancing or cooking, or is it only a path that people are going to use to talk from one area to another. Once you have an idea of what space is going to be used for, then you have to pick out the lights. Because the design of each light serves a specific function, the pre-planning makes picking out the lights a more straightforward process than picking as you go.

Landscape Lighting Experts Elgin

While most companies say it, here at Mark 1 Landscaping, we believe it. We’ve been helping people of Elgin with their landscaping and landscape lighting for years. We take pride in our work, and it shows. Our team works with you to create a lighting plan that improves the look and functionality of your outdoor space. Don’t settle for off the shelf lighting systems, call us at Mark 1 Landscaping and we’ll give you the custom landscape lighting of your dreams.

Professional Landscaping Company Elgin

When it comes to landscape lighting, you couldn’t do better than Mark 1. We have grown thanks to our customer service philosophy. We will work hard to make sure that you get what you paid for and that the results will look amazing. Give us a call today and find out just how easy having the landscape lighting of your dreams can be.