Commercial Snow Removal Wheaton

Snow can make landscaping look beautiful. Fresh white snow covering the ground with kids making snowmen and sledding is one of the picturesque images of winter, what they don’t look forward to is the snow covering sidewalks, roads, and parking lots making travel difficult or impossible. This is why proper snow removal is important. Not only will it make traveling to locations easier, mostly your own, but it also has other added benefits as well.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Snow Removal

The biggest reason to remove snow is safety. Snow reduces traction. This leads to people slipping and cars sliding. If this occurs on your property you could be liable for any injuries or damages. This is why prompt and complete snow removal is so important. Even if it is just snowfall, that snow can quickly turn to ice which increases the chance of injury or other damages. Salt and other de-icers can make a problem worst when not properly applied.

Difficulty of removal

The right equipment can make all the difference for removing snow. Most homeowners have a snowblower to help with the task, but for commercial and industrial properties a consumer snowblower might not cut it. Heavy snow can quickly overwhelm them, and a shovel would be even harder to use. Professional grade snow removal equipment is more than up for the task but is large and expensive. For most business owners this is too much of a hassle to deal with, but snow removal companies, like Mark 1 Landscaping, have the equipment already on hand, so you don’t have to.

Avoiding Business Disruption

Because most businesses have people coming in and out of their property regularly during business hours, and not always customers, having lots of snow building up can make it hard or impossible for employees, vendors, and other people to get to your business. There is also the factor of people becoming upset or angry with having to walk through deep snow to get to your business. This makes removing the snow as important for safety because it can hurt your business. This comes in two forms of loss, loss of sales and loss of productivity. Customers who walk in through the door annoyed are less likely to buy something unless they absolutely need it. It is no secret that customers in a good mood buy more and are more likely to purchase things on impulse, than those that are in a bad mood. Employees are just as susceptible to this effect but in a different way. Employees who are in a bad mood tend to be more sluggish and less energetic and that can cause poor performance that results in lost production or sales.

Industrial Snow Removal Wheaton

Dealing with snow removal of your Factory or business park property can also cost you time. Your time or an employee’s time. This is where a snow removal company can help you as well. Because they often do service contacts that give you a discount on snow removal over the course of the year, they also will react to the weather. This saves you from having to call up a company to have the snow removed. So give Mark 1 Landscaping a call today to get ready for the upcoming winter.